About us

Jay Paul Company is a privately-held, opportunity driven real estate firm known for conceptualizing and building the workspaces of the future.

Our campuses are designed to foster collaboration and support well-being
--a movement we helped spark and still lead today. Our tenants include the world’s most valuable tech companies, and we have an unrivaled track record of successfully completing highly complex projects. We approach challenges with expertise and creativity, take smart risks, and generate attractive returns for investment and development partners alike.

Silicon Valley Legacy

We've helped shape the tech industry from the beginning, developing the first campuses designed around best-in- class amenities, collaboration, and well-being, and we’re still doing it today.

Creative Problem-solving

As a privately held firm, we can take on complex projects that others can’t. We have an enviable track record of successful completion, including over 12 million square feet developed and 6 million square feet in our development pipeline.

Long-term Visionaries

We are long-term holders who consciously operate with the future in mind, focusing on quality, sustainability, and fostering lasting relationships with our tenants, partners, and consultants alike.

Design Leadership

We are leaders in developing the highest quality campuses with a focus on creating long term value through design, technological innovation and environmental stewardship.

The Team

Our philosophy is simple. Buildings of superior quality and exceptional architectural design and managed by proactive professionals, command higher rents, attract better tenants and generate greater value for our investment and development partners.

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Phil Verinsky


Ray Paul

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